What Do You Mean by "Bodywork"?

-Massage that's more than you think-

Bodywork is the meeting of intention, technique, and communication.  Our sessions together are outcome-oriented, so whether you're trying to unwind and release anxiety, enjoy better physical and emotional health or find relief from chronic pain, we can work together to achieve your goal.  Below, you can find more information about some of the modalities utilized in sessions.


7-Step Release

Utilizing articulation, or movement, of the limbs within a client's full range of motion, in conjunction with soft tissue manipulation, healthy movement patterns are restored and "programmed" into the subconscious mind.  Each 7-Step Release session focuses on a specific area of the body.

What to Expect with Your Treatment

Learn more about the Muscle + Memory Bodywork practice. The most important thing is that clients feel heard. The very first thing you'll experience is a conversation establishing how you're feeling emotionally and physically, then we'll progress to a treatment plan that is specific to you.


Discover the Approach that Works for You

Package services to achieve optimal outcomes

“Strengthen and Lengthen” Physical Assessment + Bodywork

90 minute session: 30 minute Assessment + 60 minute bodywork

Engage with a head to toe assessment of existing physical patterns in your body, then transition to the table for an hour long bodywork session, based on your body, and dedicated to beginning the process of restoring movement, balance, and physical ease.  After the session, we’ll discuss our findings, and I’ll make recommendations for an ongoing bodywork practice, as well as provide resources to support your personal physical goals.


Personalized Structural Rebalancing

90 minute initial assessment + 90-180 day rebalancing plan

When you’re ready to make the commitment to yourself, I’m here to support you on your journey to full-body physical autonomy.  We’ll first meet to complete your Strengthen & Lengthen Physical Assessment, and your initial bodywork session.

We’ll also discuss your intention (what you want from our relationship), physical history, and potential obstacles you may encounter during the process.  Based on these experiences, we’ll discuss your specific goals, and the practices I recommend to achieve them.  Together we’ll create a plan of action, then meet either weekly for 90 days, or every two weeks for 180 days, working from the ground, up, to rebalance painful muscle imbalances and compensations, restore healthy movement, and re-train your body to function in the fashion that is most supportive for the way you want to use it.  Each session is 90 minutes, to allow time for superior focus on each area being addressed.

As a part of this program, you’ll receive movement and stretching recommendations, external resources, regular progress checks, and information regarding other practices and wellness providers whom you might choose to make a part of your personal support network.


Focused Sessions

(3) 60 minute sessions

These sessions are designed to address specific areas of pain or tension. Series include: Neck & Upper Back, Shoulder/Rotator Cuff, Low Back & Hips, and Hips & Lower Extremity.

Note: These series are safe for individuals in generally good health, without a history of injury or trauma to the area being addressed.  For acute injury recovery, or for support with chronic and/or multi-symptom pain, please contact me for a consultation.


Technique-Specific Series

(3) 60 minute sessions

If you have previous bodywork experience, know that specific techniques are effective for your body, or if you want to try a variety of approaches you haven’t previously engaged with, you can build the series that feels supportive for you.  Choose 3 of the available Muscle + Memory Bodywork sessions on your own, or contact me to co-develop a custom series that is personal to you.


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