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Why Providers Choose Muscle + Memory Bodywork

“I am extraordinarily dedicated to my understanding of human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. I bring that understanding into each bodywork session, every day.”

- Braden Jones, LMT | Founder of Muscle + Memory Bodywork


Strengthen & Lengthen
Physical Assessment + Bodywork

90 Minute Session

Personalized Structural Rebalancing

90 Minute Sessions with Rebalancing Plan

Focused Pain Series

(3) 60 Minute Sessions

Neck & Upper Back

Shoulder/Rotator Cuff

Low Back & Hips

Hips and Lower Extremity

Technique-Specific Bodywork

(3) 60 Minute Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Providers Choose Muscle + Memory Bodywork


How will I know my patients/clients are taken care of?

There is a wide range of massage providers in the market, so it’s completely understandable that you may have some hesitations about referring out. Will this person know what tissue they’re accessing? Do they know the common compensation patterns contributing to the client’s imbalances? Do they have the expertise necessary to reach key care milestones? I am typically completing 100-200  hours of advanced training every year, and am extraordinarily dedicated to my understanding and application of practical therapeutic techniques to achieve specific physiological results. I am outcome-oriented, and thrive on partnering with my clients to get them from Point A to Point B during our treatment time together. I continue to seek new modalities that effect long-term change, and lasting relief for my clientele.   I have a breadth of training in specific areas and can engage with the body in a variety of levels of depth. My initial training was in medical massage so I am confident working with patients with various pathologies and imbalances, while taking into account their individual needs and potential limitations.

Do you have any female massage therapists?

I am the only therapist at Muscle + Memory Bodywork. There is occasionally resistance for women to work with a male therapist, but all patients feel very comfortable with receiving treatment from me.

The best way I can describe the reason for this is by quoting a referring Naturopathic physician who shares with her patients “I know he’s a male therapist but he has a very feminine energy.” I think this is wonderful, and appreciate this comment! I’ve worked very hard to cultivate both my masculine and feminine energies so that my practice resonates with, and supports all individuals, regardless of gender.

Do you cross over in services with referral partners?

I pride myself on maintaining incredible relationships with my clients and my referral partners. I make it a point to become familiar with the services you offer so that, should questions arise from a client about additional offerings, I am confidently able to refer them back to you for certain services or modalities. My client’s care is my top priority and I am happy to work closely with other wellness providers to ensure they’re getting the best treatments possible.

What can clients expect from their first session?

During the first appointment, we'll establish a baseline for their body by using our Strengthen + Lengthen assessment where we'll take them through various ranges of motions and resistances so we know how they're showing up and so we can gauge progress over time.

From there we transition to the table for an hour bodywork session so we can begin to rebalance the body.


Braden is very supportive of his clients needs. One of the BEST lymph massages I have ever received. I was a massage therapist from 1987 through 2011 and experienced a lot of different techniques from other therapists. Braden's style of therapy is truly caring and I would highly recommend him.


It’s important to me that you understand the work I do. I want you to feel comfortable recommending me to any of your patients! For that reason, I like to extend a complimentary 30-minute session for you to experience my treatment and get to know me a bit! Request your session below.


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