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Your body tells the story of your life; Muscle + Memory Bodywork empowers you to tell the story you choose.  Over the years, your body adapts and changes shape to accommodate the  movements you perform every day.  Together, we can begin moving your body toward its most efficient structure so that those movements become more healthy, as chronic pain and tension vanish.

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Bodywork and massage are great ways to reset your physical patterns, and support your body and mind, but life happens between your sessions.  Muscle + Memory Bodywork offers 70 minute appointments that include a "session debrief" to empower you with tools to reclaim ownership of the body you use every day. Clients can always reach out to Muscle + Memory Bodywork with questions, or for additional support, and receive a response within 24 hours.


Client Testimonials

"I meet clients where they are, listening both to their experiences and their body, and, through bodywork, facilitating their journey toward the lifestyle they want to lead." - Braden Jones

Wow!! I melted on the table!! I have an almost torn rotator cuff and had difficulty with certain movements. I left feeling like the “sack of potatoes” had been lifted off my shoulders. I loved the music and decor in offices. I would definitely recommend!


I've had hundreds of massages while living in Thailand and have a good sense of how adept someone is in the language of the body. It's immediately obvious Braden knows this language fluently and is working not just physically but energetically.


I have never been willing to have a male massage therapist but Braden was incredibly professional and immediately put me at ease. It was a wonderful experience and he was very conscious of my muscle tenderness from fibromyalgia. Definitely will return.



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Muscle + Memory accepts clients Friday through Wednesday, subject to availability.  Call (480)-334-9385 to schedule your session!
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